Sculpture and Painting have rarely partnered in the manner they have in the new ʻVessels Seriesʼ. In 2009, while sketching on a long flight to Colorado, I had an idea that made little sense at the time...but intrigued me enough to become my new obsession back at the studio. I have always experimented with ʻscaleʼ in my drawings, paintings and sculpture, however this was the first time I had done so in such a monumental manner.

choose a vessel below to see it in-the-round

The human form was my inspiration while designing the first vessel. It was titled ʻBarcelonaʼ, and was a view of street life in the vibrant and colorful Spanish city. The shape of the vessel was classic and sensual and the figures painted on the form were life scale. The palette brought in the Catalan mood and the dogs added the freedom and spirit of the Spaniards. The success in bringing this piece to life led to my commitment to expand and explore this new direction. Since then...I have designed several new vessels that are unique to each other and continue to allow me the freedom to work in a human scale with passion and excitement

I realize that the most important dynamic -- seeing them in person ʻin the roundʼ-- needs to take place in order to satisfy this phenomenon. So until then, I hope that my website offers you at least a good first glimpse of these new works of art. View in ʻstudioʼ view as well to see them in progress and with considerable detail.

Questions regarding the ʻVesselsʼ, new work and commissions, please contact: