Mark Steele & Studio 402

You may recognize my style and the personalities that make up my imagery. I've been working for over 30 years as a painter, sculptor, designer, and illustrator, creating art for solo shows (numerous one man and group exhibits), commissioned projects (for large corporations such as Accor Hotels, Paris and Fiction Television, Orlando), magazine covers (including several covers for the New York Times Magazine, Harvard and Business Week) and sculpture commissions (for renowned restaurants Dali and Cuchi Cuchi Restaurant, Cambridge), as well as three-dimensional sculptures for publishing giant Workman Publishing in New York). My new website displays some of my newest art involving a unique method of creating life-size, painted vessels which I'm hoping will become some of my most important work.

These hand-formed vessels are quite large and therefore have a presence and personality that transform the idea of two-dimensional/three dimensional art. The scale I've chosen to work in is human and so there exists a dialogue between the viewer and the vessel. They must be seen in person to satisfy this phenomenon, but I hope that you will be intrigued seeing them here in 360ยบ! I am currently exploring markets for the vessels and developing new designs which will be even more revolutionary!

Thank you for visiting my site! Take a look at the work and step inside the studio door to see details and work in progress. Please contact me with any questions or comments or to even arrange a studio visit!