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Finally…the newest Vessel stands tall…major work still ahead…as are the holidays! Happy Holidays!

Not a Mummy!

You may think that you’ve just arrived in Egypt! No…it’s just my newest Vessel evolving on my studio floor! It is about to stand upright…so please come by soon for a peek!

Projects in progress

September is here…new projects are beginning!  The column in the background is new.  The Vessels are growing in number and the latest is almost ready to paint.  Take a look at the new ‘Studio’ section with expanded and updated studio views, as well as shots of other works while they were in progress!

Summer Studio

My studio has a back door that leads to a rickety steel balcony/fire escape!   Every summer morning I prop the door open to let in the morning air…and hopefully some inspiration…and sometimes a curious bird or two!  This morning was the great Alexander Calder’s birthday…so this bird was immediately named ‘Sandy’!