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Regis Performing Arts Center Mural (detail)

This is a detail of ‘Castiglione’ from my recent and ongoing Regis Performing Arts Center Mural out in Colorado!  More photos to come!

“The Birdkeeper”

Created in mixed media including wood, wire, plaster and acrylics.  Size: 28″long x 9 wide x 4 inches high (floats on wall).

“The Net”

Smaller boat created in mixed media including wood, metal, plaster and acrylics.  Size: 18″ long x 6″ wide x 3″ deep.  This work is currently on display at the Royal Contemporary Gallery in Florence, Colorado.

Seven Oceans

The newest Vessel: ‘Seven Oceans’ is progressing in the studio!

New Column

‘Manhattan’ is the title of my newest column created over the winter.  It measures 8 feet in height.

Barcelona in the Spotlight

Imagine the life size Vessel ‘Barcelona’ basking in the spotlight of a stunning location like this?


Finally…the newest Vessel stands tall…major work still ahead…as are the holidays! Happy Holidays!

Not a Mummy!

You may think that you’ve just arrived in Egypt! No…it’s just my newest Vessel evolving on my studio floor! It is about to stand upright…so please come by soon for a peek!

Projects in progress

September is here…new projects are beginning!  The column in the background is new.  The Vessels are growing in number and the latest is almost ready to paint.  Take a look at the new ‘Studio’ section with expanded and updated studio views, as well as shots of other works while they were in progress!

Up on the Roof

Here’s my imagined view of the vessel ‘Barcelona’ up on my studio roof!  At 90″ tall it should almost touch the sky!